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Feedback from participants


I have had 15 years help from mental health services in the community but 5 days 

on this course has done more for me than all of that


This course can benefit a lot of people as some things seem like common sense

 but then you realise how much you don’t actually use in real life


The most useful element of the course for me was realising we all have the right to feel safe and the fact that you have a responsibility to make other people safe


 Such a lovely course – keep it up. I will use it to get my life sorted.


                          I really enjoyed the way Penny and Tim presented themselves and they listened to problems and listened to us as people


 I have discovered my support network when before I would have bottle it up.


I will use FSSS to understand me and others around me and think

before I do and how it affects others.


I will use the FSSS process to be less threatening towards people 

making others feel safe as well as keeping myself safe


I would like to thank Penny & Tim for everything, 

I have learnt a lot this week and hope they have enjoyed it to.


 I have learnt that I am not a stupid person, in fact I am quite intelligent

 ( not academic intelligent)


 This course has made me realise barriers which I shouldn’t have crossed.


 I have learnt to think before I act and behave in a better way.


 I have discovered how I was behaving towards people and 

hope that I can think about the situation before acting on impulse.


Prison Officer – personally I will use the components of FSSS to reinforce the importance of safety and will adapt the components to my interviews with prisoners.


The most useful bit for me was realising I have a good support network and 

that I could listen better if I paid more attention.


I will use the feel, thoughts, behaviour to improve my behaviour.


 I think it is a really good course


 I thought I wouldn’t last the first session I have ADHD – but I did 9 out of 10



 Prison officer – the course was interesting and enlightening. 

I will use this in all areas of my family/work/friendship life


  I have discovered that I can see different points of view


I have discovered the importance of networks


 Thank you for your time – I found the course very good.


 I have discovered that I am a good person.


 The language of safety has been the most useful part for me.


The most useful part for me was looking at Levels of Resistance

and also Feelings Thoughts and Behaviours.


 I will use this to help the way I approach and talk to other people and 

whether I think about my feelings before acting


 I have discovered that these courses DO work (surprising to me)


The Feelings/thoughts/behaviour exercise, personal support network, early warning signs and qualities of a good relationship have been the most useful for me.


 I would have liked the course to go on longer.


 I have discovered that I can be more calmer when talking to people.


The FSSS course was highly beneficial and very constructive. Tim and Pennies teaching methods are excellent and the whole course was highly valuable in reinforcing values and attitudes.


 This course was excellent in team building and group organisation

 and reinforced key personal skills that we all have as individuals.


 Prison Officer – I have discovered that everyone is individual and respect goes two ways. I found the FTB cycle and the session on Values and Attitudes the most useful. 


An excellent course – well done!!!!!


 I have learnt I don’t have to deal with problems by myself.


 I will use the support network to deal with drug problems and help with depression.


 I only intended to come to the one session

 but after the first one Penny and Tim made me want to be here.


 I want to be a mentor on the next group if I am still here.  




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