Feeling Safe - Standing Strong

A groupwork programme

 based on the Protective Behaviours Process

  • Feeling Safe Standing Strong is a ten session groupwork programme based primarily on the Protective Behaviours Process but also incorporating principles from other sources, in particular the Thinking Environment and Active Listening skills.


  • The programme is a new initiative which has been running in HMP Woodhill since February 2007. The ten sessions take place morning and afternoon over five consecutive days and so provide a short, focussed activity accessible to all prisoners and is particularly suitable for prisoners who are serving short sentences or are vulnerable to bullying or at risk of self-harm.


  • The objectives of the programme are to reduce re-offending by helping participants to develop skills to keep themselves and others safe


  • The programme facilitators are Penny Bassett and Tim Lee, accredited Protective Behaviours trainers who have experience of delivering training programmes in a variety of settings