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How will FSSS reduce the risk of reoffending?

The PBs Process offers a holistic approach to life. The two themes are simple and easy to understand and so are accessible to people of all abilities and in all personal circumstances. However, if people internalise them and believe them, the effects are subtle and far-reaching:-

  •        Believing Theme 1, ‘We all have the right to feel safe all of the time’ heightens awareness of the effects their offending behaviour has on others. Committing offences creates victims whose right to feel safe has not been respected.

  •        Theme 2, 'There is nothing so awful or small we can't talk about it with someone' encourages the development of a clearly defined support network. This will provide access to assistance from others when they are in vulnerable situations. Accessing members of their network means that they must stop and take stock of their situation. The delay itself might be of benefit, regardless of the feedback they receive from their network people.

  •        Tuning into their Early Warning Signs enhances their ability to recognise when vulnerable to re-offending and prompts them to seek help from their support network.

  •        Improving self-esteem – if participants believe they have the right to feel safe and have developed a support network they are likely to feel more positive about themselves. In this way they will be able to make more appropriate choices when faced with peer pressure which might put them at risk of offending

  •        The focus on levels of resistance overcomes obstacles to taking action to address offending – an insight into the nature of different types of resistance can counter a defeatist outlook

  •        Language of Safety (LoS) – enhances relationships, is inclusive, empowers self and others and observes everyone’s right to feel safe. The approach adopted by LoS avoids the pitfalls of language defined externally and dismissed as political correctness.

  •        LoS improves ability to respond clearly and effectively to others – it is of benefit when accessing support from others or when offering support if you are on someone else’s support network.

  •        The PBs Process has a positive effect on relationships. This is relevant in all relationships and so can reduce the risk of domestic violence.

  •        PBs promotes a positive and optimistic outlook on life which encourages taking on challenges and changing attitudes, belief systems and behaviour.

  •     PBs focuses on goals which participants can see will have a direct benefit for themselves – improving their ability to keep themselves safe and developing their own personal support networks.

  •        The fact that the programme is not overtly focussed on offending behaviour means that it is likely to meet with less resistance than programmes which explicitly address offending


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